Hannah Bowen PGA


  • Started playing golf through ‘New2Golf’ group
  • Recently completed PGA Degree
  • Currently focusing on playing while coaching and help increase female participation

I was bit of a joiner – Id join all sorts of clubs at school. 

Sewing, road safetyyou name it, I was in that club! 

There was a golf programme in my school, which I joined as well, and started going to the range with that. 

Then my sister decided to start Duke of Edinburgh, so as part of that I joined her in a New to Golf’ group at a local golf club, and I loved it. 

Just after college, I asked myself, what do I want to do with my life?, and it hit me that I didnt want to do anything that didnt involve golf. 

I found out about the PGA degree, did some more research and decided to apply. 

I was accepted – and the rest is history!  

I think a lot of people would like to call themselves a professional golfer, and Im proud to have lived up to that dream.

If anyone is thinking of a career in golf, the PGA is a fantastic stepping stone to that. 

The training was tough – I cant say otherwise.  

 I remember it being long hours, and you have to be dedicated to it. 

However, it was three years of my life that have set a foundation for my whole life. 

If anyone is thinking of a career in golf, the PGA is a fantastic stepping stone to that. 

After my training I had another moment of what do I do now?!. 

There were lots of routes open to me – club fitting, retail, coaching and so on – but I wanted to start playing more. 

So, Ive taken two years out to focus on playing, as well as teaching, which I still enjoy. 

It keeps me grounded, and helps me remember why I decided to play golf in the first place. 

I dont know where my career will lead, but Im excited about my options in the future. 

When I graduated it was my biggest achievement, and certainly my proudest moment. 

The PGA has affected my life positively in so many ways – it means a lot to me. 

I run various inclusive golf sessions, trying to increase female participation and for anyone with a disability to play golf, and the PGA has given me the tools to do that. 

I would love golf to tell its story better, as there are people out there doing great things. 

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