Project Description

Darren Griffiths PGA


– Part of the first group to train at The Belfry

– Strong track record working with junior golfers 

– Now based at Monte Rei, in the Algarve

Becoming a PGA professional was a natural progression from my playing aspirations.

I very quickly decided that if I couldnt play to the tour standard that I wanted to, then I want to be an elite coach instead.

I wanted to stay in golf for the rest of my life, so it felt inevitable to some extent, and I knew that a formal qualification would always support my career.

No-one can take a qualification away from you.

I was introduced to golf by my father – I caddied for him, and I loved the sport immediately.

I took a summer job at Ashburnham, and was instantly smitten, before I managed to get down to scratch in a year.

I was part of the first group that trained at The Belfry, as well as at Lilleshall, and I still remember our swing tutor, Alasdair Barr!

It was eye-opening, but enjoyable. It was really structured, and I enjoyed the pressure to meet the standards and expectations that were set.

I met people from outside my network, and were still in touch as friends today.

After my training, I went into elite coaching, then into development programmes.

From Ashburnham, I worked at Peterstone Lakes and Parc in South Wales, where I had a proud record of building up junior programmes.

Working at a 5* resort was a challenge that interested me, so I grabbed the chance at Monte Rei when it arose.

Moving from traditional membersclub environments to a proprietary setting gave me a fresh outlook.

The PGA qualifications gives great flexibility.

As your circumstances change, you can change your path.

On a personal note, I have always felt that the special values and beliefs of being part of an organisation like The PGA mean I hold myself to a higher standard.

Its more than just an association membership to me – its helped me keep my focus.

I love coming into work every day. Its constantly changing, and a career in golf opens up more doors than before.

To someone thinking about working in golf, Id say you dont have to have it all figured out.

Do your qualifications, and move about if you get the chance.

Its a flexible world and you dont have to decide your path early on.

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