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Alice Davis PGA


– Started volunteering at parkstone, in Dorset, as a teenager

– Runs a junior academy with 60 children – and a long waiting list

– Runs Parkstone ‘Pink Ladies’ Academy

When I was six, my brother started playing golf, and I said: I want to try it as well! I loved it, and just kept on playing.

I did PE GCSE, and for one of my elements I did golf coaching, so I started volunteering at Parkstonewhere I work nowhelping with their Saturday morning junior lessons.

I looked into the PGA Level One, but you had to be 16 to do it, and I was still 15. I waited, and did my level one just two weeks after I turned 16!

I then went straight into my full PGA training from school, and while I was aware of the different areas that would be covered, I didn’t appreciate the depth of learning – coaching, the sport science, the business finance rules, custom fitting, club building and so on.

It’s great that the PGA give you knowledge in different areas, not just preparing you for being a golf coach.

I also met so many different people, and weve all kept in touch.

Weve got a junior academy at Parkstone with 60 kids, and 74 on a waiting list!

I also deliver the girls academy, with 30 girls attending every Sunday, aged from five to 18.

I run our Parkstone Pink Ladies’ academy, and Im involved in our county boys side as well, so it all keeps me busy!

I always think that The PGA is like a quality stamp of approval.

It gives my pupils the confidence that Ive actually been through this qualification and I have the right knowledge and experience.

It also gives me confidence, knowing I can say to my pupils: Ive done this.

Two out of the three general managers I’ve worked under here were PGA professionals, which shows how it prepares you for other avenues as well.

To anyone thinking about a career in golf, I would say why would you not want to have a job in something that you love?

Work doesnt feel like a job, because it’s my hobby at the end of the day, although you do really have to have a passion for it.

You also need to understand what market you want to go into.

What do I want to do? What’s my market going to be? What’s going to make me different?


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